School gym had no AC but the auditorium did

I used to play volleyball in high school. Over the Summer, the team and I would practice in the high school gym. Since the school gym had no AC, it was horrible. Setting up the nets, hitting the ball back and forth and doing drills was horrible. The practice would be around 2 hours. By the end of the first hour, I would be dead. I would get so sweaty without cooling and fatigued. The team and I were basically worthless. To make matters worse, the school does have AC. There is AC in the school auditorium. All year long, the auditorium is getting quality air conditioning too. The reason is that the musical kids practice over the Summer. There would be around 10 kids in the auditorium with the AC on high their whole rehearsal. It was just awful to think about. Those kids did nothing physical. They didn’t even have their lights on. The kids would just do a run through of lines and songs. How hard is that? They did not need any air conditioning for that. The team and I were literally running in temperatures around 80 degrees. If anybody deserves cooling, it was us. I think the reason the school outfitted the auditorium with AC and not the gym is the tax payers. The taxpayers attend meetings, assemblies and musicals in that one spot. So there should be AC for them. The practice areas for the kids apparently don’t need it. We would get more use out of AC in the gym year around though.

a/c worker