Our trip to the ski lodge

Last weekend, I took my wife to a nice ski lodge. We honestly had the greatest time tearing up the slopes! Well, of course, we were rather freezing and wanted to warm up after an hour or so. So we went back to our cabin and had the heating system cranked up! I also prepared some nice hot chocolate for us to enjoy. When we got nice and toasty, it was time to get right back out there on the slopes! We had such a great time, but we were absolutely frosty once again and made our way back to the cabin. I was so impressed with the air quality inside that little cabin and wondered how it was so exceptional. My wife pointed out there was a humidifier and that kept the air from becoming overly dry. I thought that was absolutely brilliant and figured that we would have to get a nice humidifier for our own home. She agreed with me wholeheartedly and said that would definitely improve our air quality immensely during the winter months. I wish I would have thought about that before, but it took this trip to the ski lodge to experience their superior air quality. When we were feeling up to it, we decided we would go out one more time to tear up the slopes! I have to say, we had the nicest weekend ever! When we were all set, we got a fire going in the cabin since there was a lovely fireplace with wood provided. We had some wine and had a really great night inside of our cabin at the ski lodge.

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