Not a pushover

When my wife and I recently moved to a new household, we thought the place was rather lovely. We didn’t own the place, we just had a landlord. I felt that eventually I would like to buy a house to call our own, but in the meantime I had to work on my credit score and save up enough money for a sizable down payment. Well, after about a month of living there, we started experiencing troubles with the HVAC system. When I contacted the landlord about the issue, he said he would get around to it. A whole week later, we heard nothing and nobody showed up from the HVAC company. I called the landlord again and he said that he called the HVAC company, and said he would call them again. Well, another week went by and still we didn’t have anyone come over to repair our climate control system. When I called the landlord about it, he made the same claim that he called the HVAC company. By that time I didn’t believe him. I decided to call the HVAC company myself and had an HVAC technician repair the climate control system. It worked great after that and the bill was somewhat costly. So instead of paying rent the next month, I handed the landlord the HVAC repair bill and said I paid for that, so that is coming out of the rent. He tried to say I couldn’t do that, but I said if he didn’t take that expensive repair from my rent, I would take him to small claims court. He didn’t bother me after that as he seen I definitely wasn’t a pushover.

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