Midnight call to the office for BAS

After college, I had a few different jobs. I graduated with a degree in software engineering. I worked for google for a couple of years, and I spent two summers interning at yahoo. I didn’t find the right job until last year. I was hired to consult on a software project. The company decided to keep me full time, after the consulting project was finished. I make six figures a year, but I am on call 24-7. Since we use my software program for the Building Automation system, I have to be available for troubleshooting and IT support. Last weekend, my fiance and I were enjoying a nice dinner and drinks. It was about nine o’clock when the phone rang. The sensors that relay information to our HVAC control, were going haywire. The temperature sensors were reading over 100 degrees in the building. A handheld thermometer showed the indoor temperature to be 71 degrees. The A/C unit was running constantly, and the whole system was overloading. I had to leave in the middle of dinner, so we could figure out why the HVAC temperature sensors were not functioning properly. Luckily, my fiance understands that business can be hectic at times. I found the software glitch immediately, which was just by luck. Sometimes it can take all night to find a software flaw. When the changes went live, the sensors were functioning properly again. We tested the temperature sensors a few times, before my fiance and I left. It was too late for dinner, but we found a bar to grab some drinks.

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