Loud condenser unit starts to annoy neighbors

I live in a fairly old house that I inherited from my parents after they died and I still haven’t gotten around to replacing my heating and cooling system.  Thankfully, I live in a rather mild climate and can get by with a few space heaters when winter rolls through, but sometimes it can get a little hot and muggy come July.  There are a lot of lakes in the area so my air can get a little more humid on top of the typical summer heat. This year has been more extreme with the climate changes and I’m finding I have to run my air conditioner on and off throughout most of the day.  The thing is, my walls are well insulated so I don’t get a lot of noise pollution from outside. When my air conditioner kicks on, I very rarely ever hear the condenser for probably more than a minute when that small bit of sound melts away into the background and out of my mind.  That’s why I was somewhat shocked when my next door neighbor made an offhand comment about my air conditioner condenser “making a lot of noise” while I was watering my flowers the other day. I didn’t focus on it too much until my other neighbor, who is on the opposite side of my house from the condenser I might add, mentioned it too.  But in this case, he was extremely kind about it and thankfully straight forward. I don’t like it when people beat around the bush about important things and try to be manipulative. He literally offered to come over and take a look at it since he’s a retired HVAC business owner. I owe that man more than I can physically thank him with right now–he not only fixed my fan motor, but he literally replaced it with a spare working one he had in his workshop.  He put a new capacitor on the electrical relay as well. We’re even closer friends now as a result and I really owe him for being as kind about the situation as he was.

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