Inventor of A/C is My Hero

Near my house, well about an hour away actually, there is this tiny little southern town on the coast. It is a good place to go if you want to enjoy a leisurely stroll through cute shops or have a seafood dinner. There is also a little museum about the history of the town that you can walk through, so one day I did that. Guess what I discovered? The inventor of air conditioning is frm that little town, and that little sleepy southern coastal town was the first place to have air conditioning! Now, admittedly, this is up for debate. There are other people who claim to have invented a/c, and this one here is definitely rudimentary at best, but I definitely think of this guy as my hero. You see, this guy named John Gorrie was a doctor working at a hospital during a TB outbreak. You know that TB kills people, but while they are sick, they are downright miserable. It is also quite contagious. Well, Gorrie also knew that germs and disease spread more quickly in the heat. When he was watching his patients suffering the unbearable heat of the southeast United States, he just knew he needed to do something. And he did. He invented air conditioning. Really, it was just a machine that makes ice. Then, he would take the ice, hang it above patients’ beds, and put a fan behind it. The fan would blow on the ice, sending cool air across the room, and lo and behold a simple type of air conditioning was born. Without a/c, no one would want to live in my state, so Gorrie is my a/c hero.