I decided to make a complaint

The other day, I took my family to this pretty cool restaurant. It was actually a lot more than a restaurant, it was also an arcade filled with tons of games and entertainment. The restaurant section was jammed packed with TVs set to all the sports channels. The food was absolutely phenomenal and the games were rather exciting! We got a great combo deal with our food order that provided us cards for all our family members to use on the games. We had to load the tokens onto the cards and you would easily just swipe your card on whatever games you wanted to play. It was really great because while we were waiting for our food to be prepared, we were able to go out on the game floor and enjoy our time instead of just sitting there. Well, when we were on the gaming floor, we noticed it was incredibly chilly. I asked one of the workers there about the climate control settings. They said that they agreed it was rather freezing but there was nothing they could do to change the temperature control settings. When I asked why they couldn’t adjust the settings, they explained that it was controlled by their corporate office. They said it was rather unfortunate but it was just the way it was. It was strange because in the restaurant section, it wasn’t nearly so freezing. I suppose they take into consideration that all these kids and people are running around and working up a sweat in the gaming area. I guess it makes sense but I didn’t want to stay there for too long because honestly it was just too cold with their frosty climate control settings. I would be making a complaint to their corporate office about that.