Heater: Noisy unit

My husband and I recently relocated to an entirely new climate–and one that is totally foreign to our warmer-blooded tastes, to say the least. When duty calls, though, we have always been ones to answer the phone, and this time work required that we subordinate our wishes for total comfort to the desire (need) to make money and keep a roof over our heads… From essentially the jump, we experienced a “love at first sight” type of relationship with regard to the setup and overall features of our new home–not to mention those of our new neighborhood community. The entire structure and appearance of the home was to live for, and for the first time in my wife’s and my history of living together, we finally had a place in which all appliances–both major and minor alike–worked without major fault or hiccup. The only issue we ran into early on was our noisy heater. The noise wasn’t unbearable during the daytime, when my wife was at home alone or even during the weekends I’d have off; the issue, however, had to do with our inability to get good sleep during countless nights. After enduring the shenanigans for long enough, we finally grew restless and asked our nextdoor neighbor to come take a look. A certified HVAC technician, he was able to diagnose the issue in minutes, assessing the source of the racket to be due to a loose, rattling air duct and a loose screw on our heater unit itself. Within an hour’s time, our heater was serviced to standard and my wife and I were pleased to be noise free!

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