Heat makes people cranky

I once read a book that said that more crimes are committed in summer because people’s tempers raise with the temperature. This book was written before the advent of air conditioning. Or, at least before air conditioners could be found in just about every home and office. I don’t know if the quote is true or not but I do have to wonder about how much our lives have changed simply because of air conditioning and heat. Even when I was growing up, in the South West, we only had a window A/C and a space heater for the entire house. We only ran either one for a few hours during the most extreme temperatures. I remember many nights not being able to sleep because of the heat. I don’t know that our dispositions changed any in the heat though. But now, now that I have grown accustomed to central heating and air, I most certainly would be irritable without it. It would be the knowing that air conditioning or heating is available but that I just can’t have it that would make me mad. If it doesn’t exist, then there is nothing to be mad about. But I do see how lack of sleep, higher heart rates because of the heat, and constant sweating might make people short with each other, back in the day. I just know that I’m grateful for air conditioning so that I don’t have to worry too much about it. If I get uncomfortable, I can just crank my A/C down a few more degrees and forget about how hot it is outside.

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