Fixing the AC is macho

I am a househusband, and if you think I am ashamed to admit that then I think you’re working from an outdated sensibility. I can’t think of one single thing wrong with taking care of the house while my wife goes out and works for a living. She makes twice as much money as I used to, enough to easily support us both, and we jointly decided this would be the best thing for our relationship. Some macho guys couldn’t handle it, but I kind of like it. It’s not like I sit around watching soap operas and eating bon-bons, after all. Just last week I learned about HVAC upkeep for the first time, and this is another task for me to tackle. Since my wife takes care of the finances, I make sure everything in our home is perfect, including the climate control system and the air quality. Keeping the place cool is good, but it is just as important to keep the air filters clean to maintain a superior indoor air quality. What good is keeping cool if the air quality is filled with dust, dirt, and detritus? Thanks to a few very educational online videos, I learned a lot about my model of air conditioner, and the best practices to keep it running smoothly for a long time. When my wife came home that night I was using my tools to remove all the air vent grates so I could inspect the ductwork. Fixing up the air conditioning is pretty macho for a househusband, if you ask me.

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