Experience with window mounted a/c

Back in my college days, I had to struggle for a few months before I landed a steady part-time job. My friends were content with being employed part-time, as they had parents helping to fund their time in school, but I didn’t have such a luxury! In fact, the first six months of living away from home were so rocky, I almost moved back home on two separate occasions just because I couldn’t make ends meet. Eventually I got lucky after a few months, and I landed a job working for a handyman service in the town. They were specifically looking to hire college-age men to work as repair technicians, and handle any number of repairs. Fortunately for me, I had a lot of experience with keeping my old window-mounted A/C unit up and running as well as unclogging toilets, so I was brought in and offered a job! I worked way more than full-time hours, as I wanted to make sure I had more than enough money if this job fell through! To my surprise, the job was not only there for me all through college, but I was able to get an incredible amount of training on the job too! At one point, my employer sent a memo out via email to all the guys working at his company. He said that he would let any of us pick a trade skill to get certified in, and he would cover the costs of getting certified! I quickly chose heating, ventilation and air conditioning as my desired trade skill. One year later, I was certified as an HVAC repair technician, and earned a considerably improved salary. My knowledge covered everything now, from cleaning ductwork and replacing air filters, to disassembling air conditioning condenser units and installing a new air compressor! I knew everything I needed to know for my customers to have excellent air quality in their homes again, and I couldn’t have been any happier with my job than I was right then!

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