Ductwork no longer fits tightly

I’ve been hearing a lot of digging and scampering noises under my house so I called out an exterminator to come and take a look. She crawled under the house and said that there is an armadillo living under there and she set a trap for it. Sure enough, the very next evening the armadillo was captured and the exterminator came back to take it and relocate it far away from my home. However, she told me that she saw some damage to my ductwork while she was under the house. She said she is not an HVAC worker but it looked like my ductwork was falling apart. I kind of wondered if that meant that she had broken it but it could have been the armadillo too. I was just glad to know about it anyway. I hadn’t noticed a big difference in my air conditioning but some rooms do cool better than others. When the HVAC company came out, they told me that my ductwork was coming apart the problem had probably been going on for some time. They sealed everything back up and replaces some of the panels. I’m not happy about paying for all of the experts this past week but the HVAC technician said that I should have much lower electric bills now that I’m not pumping cold air out under my house so at least I can look forward to that. Besides, I plan to live here for a long time, I should take care of my home. I just hope no more armadillos decided to live here with me.

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