Ductless A/C for the sun room

When my wife and I bought our house, we didn’t have much use for the formal living room and formal dining room. For many years, the rooms sat vacant with nick-nacks and old pieces of furniture. A couple of years ago, my wife and I decided to turn those rooms into a huge sunroom. Both of those rooms face the backyard and pool area. We removed the walls and added huge windows. The windows look out to the backyard, and the view is actually spectacular. We planned 2 have no heat or A/C in that room, but the large Windows have made that impossible. During the summer months, the large windows reflect a great deal of heat. The sunroom is easily 15 degrees warmer than any other room in our house. In order to combat the heat, my wife and I purchased a ductless A/C unit. The ductless A/C unit was a great choice, because we didn’t require a special HVAC team to perform the installation. My wife and I purchased the ductless A/C unit from a specialty store in town. It would have cost $400 for an HVAC installation team to install the ductless A/C unit. Luckily, My wife as an old friend who works for an HVAC company. She agreed to come over and help us install the ductless unit. The ductless A/C unit has been running for a full week now, and I can see a vast difference out there. Now that the sunroom is finished, we can finally start working on new flooring in the master bedroom.

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