Chilly Stores

Last minute things tend to drive me crazy, but I have learned that life is often times unpredictable, and last minute things happen quite frequently. My husband and I planned a huge birthday party for our son, Dillan, and everything was going so well all the way up until two hours before the party. I had previously ordered a cake for Dillan at our local grocery store. About ten minutes before I went to go and pick up the cake, I got a call from the bakery saying that they were very sorry, but someone had accidently dropped Dillan’s cake. I didn’t know what to do since the bakery was closing, so I immediately drove to a different store hoping to find another cake. I was freezing because the store was so cold. I was super frustrated at the time, and I asked a manager that was walking by if they would turn the air conditioning down a notch because it was so cold in the store. The manager kindly told me that she was off of work but that she would try to ask someone else to adjust the temperature. Dillan loves ice cream cake, so that is what I wanted to get him, but of course, they are in freezers, so I was even more cold. I had to wait in line for about thirty minutes to buy the cake, but thankfully, they must have turned the AC down because it started to warm up in the store. By the time I got home, the party had already started, and I was a flustered mess, but Dillan enjoyed his cake, and that was all that mattered.

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