Allergies vs. Air Purifier

My husband is driving me bonkers with his seasonal allergies. He is snoring his head off all night long, sneezing and snorting and coughing and generally driving me insane because of all of his issues. I don’t even know how many different kinds of allergy medications he has tried, but none of them are working and I’m pretty sure he just needs to give up and go see an allergist to get tested to see what his problem is. The other thing I’m doing, even though he doesn’t want to pay for it, is I’m making an appointment with our local Heating and Air Conditioning company to come out and clean all of our air conditioning and heating ducts. I’m also going to have them replace our A/C filters and our furnace filters. When they are done with all of the air duct cleaning, I’m also going to have the install a brand new, state of the art, air purification system to go along with our HVAC unit. I’ve been reading about air purifiers online, and I know that having an air purification system running in your house can really help cut down on the amount of allergens that can get into your air. I mean, if we can improve the indoor air quality in our home with something as simple as an air purification system, then why shouldn’t we just go ahead and do it? My husband says that it’s too expensive, but I say it’s cheaper than a divorce! And that’s where we’re headed if he doesn’t do something about these allergies so I can finally get some sleep!

HVAC rep