Air conditioned van saves wedding flowers

When my daughter was getting married we had people coming in from all over the country. We decided that no one would be allowed to stay at our house since she was getting married in our beautiful backyard. We were going to have enough going on without trying to house a dozen relatives. They were on their own. So when my uncle Larry asked if he could sleep in his van in our driveway, my first instinct was to say no. Then he explained that he had a camper van that was completely self-contained. All he needed was a plug in to the house and he would be all set for two nights. We decided to give in and let him even though I thought that I would regret it. He showed up with his van the evening before the wedding and I was surprised to see that it had air conditioning. He had one of the small window A/Cs sticking out of his back window. It was ugly as hell so I made sure he backed the van into the driveway. True to his word, he wasn’t a bother at all that night although I could hear his air conditioner running all night. It wasn’t super loud but I could hear it. The air conditioned van actually came in handy the next morning because we needed to go pick up all of the flowers but it was an extremely hot day. Uncle Larry jumped right in and said he could pick them up in his van and keep the A/C running the whole time. We even ended up storing the flowers in the van until the wedding. There was way too many to put in the refrigerator, as I had originally intended.

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