Air Conditioned Indoor Pool

I love swimming, and I love air conditioning, but those two things just don’t go together well. My mom and I recently went on a little four day getaway, and it was so much fun! Normally, we wouldn’t just leave our husbands home alone and just the two of us go, but this was a special occasion. We were attending a conference specifically geared toward women, so this was an extended “girl time.” We both loved the conference so much, and we learned a lot from it. Each day, we had a break from sessions at the conference. The break lasted from after lunch until seven o’clock in the evening. During those breaks, my mom and I would go shopping or swimming in the hotel’s indoor air conditioned pool. At first, we didn’t know what they meant by air conditioned pool. How can you air condition a pool? It was a weird wording, but it turns out that what they meant by “air conditioned pool” was that the room the pool was located in was air conditioned. It was really hot outside, so my mom and I thought that having a pool in an air conditioned room would be really nice. Sadly, we were totally wrong. We froze in that pool; it was so cold! Not only was the room air conditioned, but the pool water was really cold as well. It was one of the worst swimming experiences that I have ever had in a hotel swimming pool. Needless to say, we won’t be swimming in anymore “air conditioned” pools.

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