Air compressor: Glitchy/Sometimey compressor, Home

My wife and kids and I have lived in our home for a few years now. As its original owners and occupants, respectively, each of us takes a great deal of pride and joy in the upkeep and maintenance of our humble abode. This past summer was one that we all had eagerly looked forward to–the kids, no doubt, because they’d be out of school for a few months; my wife, because she’d finally have a bit of a break from shuttling the kids around everywhere; and yours truly, as I’d finally be afforded some long-awaited time off. The summertime season started off well, as my family and I were able to spend some quality time together, from going to the community pool every other day or so, to visiting our local theme park the next city over, not to mention enjoying our fair share of lazy days around the house, too. Things got a little dicey one afternoon, however, when our heating and cooling unit stopped putting out the cool, crisp air on which we’d grown to love and rely. Unquestionably concerned, I phoned our go-to HVAC guy to get his opinion on the matter. When he swung by to take a look at what we had going on, he determined that our air compressor was to blame. A component of the air handler unit (AHU), he explained that the device was testing out as glitchy as it wasn’t putting out a steady, consistent current. Grateful that the matter wasn’t far worse than that, we gave our guy the okay to replace the component with a new one in effort to get us back in the business of enjoying our effortless days…and back in biz we were that very same day!

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