AC on the trip

Last winter, I took my family to a  tropical island for 10 days on getaway.  All of us were eager to escape the cold and snow, and take advantage of the daylight and ocean waves.  All of us wanted to be situated as close to the beach as possible. Unfortunately, the resorts with beach access are super valuable.  I found cheaper accommodations which didn’t provide all the current luxuries. All of us didn’t have access to tennis courts, fitness center, onsite dining, or a heated swimming pool.  Since all of us didn’t plan on spending much time in the hotel, all of us weren’t distraught about it. On the first day, all of us headed to the beach honestly early in the day, and dedicated the entire day to suntanning, swimming and building sand castles.  Although all of us made sure to apply sunblock, my whole family ended up with horrible sunburns. All of us were seriously grateful that our cheaper hotel at least provided air conditioning. The air conditioning was unquestionably seasoned and not in the greatest shape.  The unit was dented and most of the control knobs were missing. It was noisy, dripped water onto the carpet, and the air smelled rather musty. All of us were simply ecstatic that the seasoned unit gave an ample supply of cold air. All of us set the temperature control as low as possible and took turn standing directly in front of the vents.  Our sunburns forced us to spend a fantastic deal of time in the room, enjoying cable, playing cards, and taking cool showers. There was hardly any water pressure, lumpy pillows and scratchy sheets, however the air conditioning continued to blast cold air, so all of us were pleased.

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