A Warm House on Thanksgiving

The holidays bring so much joy to me and my family! To us, there is nothing like the spirit of gratitude that Thanksgiving brings, the spirit of giving that Christmas brings and the spirit of rejuvenation that New Years brings. Although I love all three of these holidays very much, my favorite is definitely Thanksgiving. This may be because I love to cook and bake, and Thanksgiving allows me to do enough cooking and baking to practically feed an army. Since we have the biggest house, all of my family and my husband’s family come over to our house for Thanksgiving. I spend the entire day before and the day of Thanksgiving cooking and baking in preparation for our Thanksgiving feast. We had a little trouble this Thanksgiving with cooling the house down. With me baking and cooking for almost twenty-four hours straight, the house gets quite warm, but we are usually able to just open up the windows and let the cool air from outside cool the house. This past year however, the temperatures outside were quite high for this time of year, and the house was not cooling off by just opening the windows. We ended up having to turn the air conditioning on just to cool the house down. It was just snowing a few days before Thanksgiving, so it was weird to turn the air conditioner on, but it was our only choice since the house just wasn’t cooling off. After a few hours of having the air conditioner on, the house cooled down significantly, and it was just in time for guest to arrive, so it worked out perfectly.