A nice RV

The last time my family and I went camping, it was sort of a nightmare. We were basically eaten up by mosquitos and it was overly hot in the day and extremely cold during the night. It was virtually impossible to get comfortable! Well, we didn’t want to not go again so we decided to try renting an RV. This was a great decision because the RV we found had a fantastic climate control system! When the weather was scorching hot in the day, we relaxed in the RV with the A/C blasting. It was great because we played cards and made s’mores. It was especially nice during the night because we were able to take it easy in actual beds! The RV was equipped with exactly 3 beds. There was one in the front up top, the table converted into one, and also there was a sort of master bedroom area in the rear. One of the best parts was the shower! It was a rather small shower certainly, but it was totally refreshing to take a nice shower when we were out camping! I suppose that some people might call this ‘glamping’ instead of camping, but I didn’t care. The only thing that mattered to me was that we were out there in the wilderness and we were able to remain comfortable and have a great time! I really have to say, there’s nothing like the comfort of a great climate control system when you’re out there in the wilderness! I don’t think we’ll ever go camping again without a nice RV.