You have to stay prepared

A few months ago, I got a call from the local hospital. My estranged sister had died of a drug overdose. She left behind a 19 year old daughter in college, about 1500 miles away. I had not seen much of my sister in years. Ever since she started opioids, she has been like an entirely different person. When the hospital called, I was very surprised. My sister had listed me as next of kin, and they wanted to know what to do. I was flabbergasted and filled with a million questions. First, I had to break the bad news to my niece. She took a direct flight here, so she could help me make funeral arrangements. I hoped my niece would know if her mother had life insurance. I didn’t have any money to pay for funeral arrangements, but we had to make a plan. We found some old bank statements, and they had payments to a life insurance broker. We called the life insurance broker, and found out that my sister had not made any payments in almost 8 months. My sister didn’t have any advance directives, and we couldn’t find a single life insurance policy. My wife and I were forced to pay for the cremation expenses and medical examination fees. It made me start thinking about life insurance, and how badly I want to care for my family if I am gone. Everyone should have some type of plan for the future, especially if you have children or a spouse. In grief, the hardest thing to do is worry about money and expenses.

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