Working at high capacity

The last time I had an HVAC technician over working on my HVAC system, I asked him if he could provide me some energy saving tips and basic maintenance tips. He told me that the most important thing to do is to keep up with my air filter changes regularly. He said by doing this, it keeps my HVAC working at optimum capacity. It keeps the HVAC clean of dirt and debris and allows it to not overwork itself, therefore saving me a good amount on the energy bills. He said the system also needs to be checked on at least twice per year to make sure that everything is in solid working order. With regular checkups and cleaning up the system, this ensures that the system is running without any problems and ultimately this saves on the energy bills. He said it’s also great to clean out the outdoor condenser unit. He said while I could do this on my own, it’s best to have the professionals do this if I don’t really know what I’m doing. He let me know that the power to the equipment always must be shut off before working on it. It has to be carefully cleaned so that there is no damage to any components of the equipment. He said if I really was serious about saving money, I should invest in a smart thermostat. These wonderful pieces of equipment learn your heating and cooling preferences and also make suggestions for better energy saving. Also smart thermostats will remind you when it’s time to change your air filters and get your HVAC system maintenance. There really is no better way to save!

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