Smart thermostat for the dog

There are definitely times in life that I just don’t feel that anything is fair. Honestly, you seem to be chugging along, figuring things out & planning for the future as best you can… & then BOOM! Everything changes, & you’re left without a backup. That’s how the past month or so has been for me, anyways. This summer really took a turn for the worse, & I am still waiting for it to get back to normal. First, my wifey & I broke up, and then my car broke down a few weeks ago. Last, my dog fell severely ill last week. Now, the dog is what’s hitting me hardest, to be entirely honest. I really have no idea what to do, other than to try to keep my friend comfortable as I try to treat her sickness. That’s why I’m off from my place of work today, kneeling in the residing room & waiting for the Heating & Air Conditioning device truck to arrive. You see, my vet told me that my pup has been afflicted with Cushings disease, so she no longer can regulate her own body temperature all that well. This means she’s constantly panting up a storm, or curled up into a ball just freezing her little butt off. I feel terrible knowing she’s uncomfortable while in the days, so I’ve decided to set up a modern Heating & Air Conditioning device for her. I’ve already installed several Nest cameras in the beach household for surveillance purposes, & the next step is to have this Heating & Air Conditioning business overhaul our new air temperature control device. Once we’re all set with a brand modern smart thermostat, I’ll be able to adjust the indoor air quality levels for my pup from anywhere. With everything being so horrible lately, at least she’ll be comfortable, even if I’m not.

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