Overbearing about our a/c

When my Mom came over to visit last week, it seemed like she was just complaining about everything. She didn’t like what we had for dinner, she didn’t like our new curtains, she didn’t like the way the kids were dressed, & she didn’t like the way I forgot to water the flower! But worst of all was the way she whined about the air quality of our house. She immediately started asking me why we didn’t have the cooling system turned down more, because she thought it was way too warm in our house. She walked right over to the programmable digital temperature control on the wall in our hallway & started smashing buttons! I told her to knock it off it because our partner had spent minutes programming it with a heating & cooling system schedule that would work just right for us. But she said that she must not have programmed the temperature control properly or it wouldn’t have felt like the inside of a furnace in our house! I thought that was super mean in fact. However honestly, our Mom can be a little bit overbearing here and there! I told her that our temperature control was set exactly the way every one of us wanted it. Sadly she kept on saying that each one of us needed to call in the heating & cooling system corporation to come & take a look at our central air unit. She just totally convinced herself that our a/c was broken, even though I’m pretty much sure that she was just having a overheated flash or something! But I wasn’t going to tell her that, no way!

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