Need to set up the HVAC system

Packing for college is regularly so much work every year, i’ll tel ya. I literally bring every last sweater I own to college with me when I go back in the fall, but it’s only September, so we have still mornings above 79 degrees even, then however, our college campus doesn’t give a hoot about the temperature outside or even the control device thermostat setting of the class you were previously in. Even being in the same building, I can go from a single classroom where it is about 65 degrees, only for the room a single floor up to be around 52 degrees, but then I can switch buildings from my eighth class of afternoon & have it be all the way up into the 90s, because the building doesn’t its HVAC unit on at all. I guess campus wide HVAC would be entirely impossible, what with all the duct work & all, but it just nuts. Every year, all of the students are fighting off colds, & the teachers laugh that it is because we’re all sharing germs in the dorms, but the dorms have nothing to do with it, its these control device thermostat settings being all over the location and building, our exhausting human bodies can’t take all of these sharp temperature control changes on the thermostat–it is just not natural. So regardless of the temperature, I have a tank top as my usual top layer, & flannel, & a sweater. It’s a crazy amount of clothing, but the comfier I am, the better I can focus when the teachers teach.

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