Lack of cooling

My oldest child started to high school this year plus joined the school’s band playing the trumpet, then unlike with the previous school band the year before, the high school band plays all over the state whenever the football team travels, plus they have a giant annual trip down to the south each year for a yearly band competition, however it’s an high-priced trip, plus all of us weren’t sure if all of us would be able to pay for it or not, however the school set up a payment plan plus gave all parents the option to toil at the concession kneel to help spend money off the trip. I knew that our child wanted to go plus so took on the maximum amount of concession booth duty slots available, but the school’s concession kneel didn’t have a/c or even a fan to provide any cooling, making it hard to stay in on boiling days. I was working in the concession booth during the first game plus began to feel  ill. The building had shade, however the lack of cooling was brutal plus I had to rest down. The next thing I knew, I was on the ground plus the paramedics were asking me if I was okay. I had absolutely passed out from the heat! It was so embarrassing, plus I was anxious that this meant I wouldn’t be able to toil the concession kneel again to help spend money for the band trip. However, I was shocked when the school sent myself and others a heartfelt apology instead. They were sorry they did not anticipate the trouble the lack of the a/c in the building could cause for the workers within, plus assured myself and others an AC would be installed before the next game. I hated to have been the cause of so much trouble, however I’m truly ecstatic I raised awareness for the issue plus that an AC was installed to prevent the same kind of thing from happening again.

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