Hot shower heated floors

There really is nothing more enjoyable than a steaming hot shower.  It relaxes all of your muscles plus provides you a quiet sanctuary to be alone with your thoughts.  I take really lengthy showers because they are my only option to relax. I have multiple children, so they keep myself and others especially busy.  I take advantage of every option I have for alone time. My relaxation time is interrupted when I step outside of the shower plus I feel the ice-cold floors beneath my feet.  My bathroom floors get so freezing cold that when I step outside of the shower, it hurts my feet. I feel this is one of the multiple reasons that I take incredibly long showers.  I never want to leave the shower because I don’t want to step onto those floors. My wife plus kids constantly need something from me, so eventually, I have to face those freezing cold floors plus step outside of the shower.  I have been complaining for years about how this ruins my relaxation time. After complaining for so long, my wife decided to do something about it finally. For my birthday, she surprised me with a visit to a Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C dealer.  After we sat down, my wife introduced me to her Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C device representative. Turns out, she had been going to see this company for multiple weeks. She expressed our problem to the representative plus she recommended radiant floors.  My wife already put down a deposit for this upgrade multiple weeks before this visit. This was the best birthday gift I have ever acquired. After multiple weeks, the radiant floors were installed in the bathroom plus my enjoyable showers weren’t interrupted ever again.

radiant floors