Heaters not allowed at work

I used to toil in a primarily male-dominated office work environment. I didn’t really mind this, per say, however there were some complications that came along with the territory. As a woman, I tend to get colder than men do despite being in the exact same room at the exact same temperature. Due to it being a simple biological fact that women experience the frigid more acutely , I strongly feel it should by any workplace manager’s responsibility to adjust the temperatures accordingly to accommodate the needs of all of its employees, or to permit the employees to take care of it for themselves in a non-intrusive manner. My requests for our outdated job to permanently adjust the climate control device to increase the room’s temperature were denied, so I attempted to handle our concern myself, bringing in a personal space heating system to rest by our cubicle. It was out of the way plus I adhered to all of the safety precautions to ensure safety, however it was still advised that I get rid of it as a potential fire hazard. I found that to be quite utterly ridiculous! Space gas furnaces are perfectly safe when used always plus all flammable materials are kept away from the heated surface. I later learned that 1 of our male coworkers had complained that I was being given a special privilege by being allowed to have a space heating system at our desk plus that she was raising problems over electricity use. During the summer, everyone is allowed to bring their own fan to their desk to help keep things cooled down, so this should not have been any different. The only reason no 1 else had a personal heating or cooling system for their desk was because I was the only 1 experiencing these temperature complications, plus no 1 would take myself and others seriously enough to address the concerns with the office’s heating. I left shortly after that, plus haven’t looked back since that day.

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