Heated flooring system

I have been struggling with feet issues my whole life. I have plantar fasciitis and this means I have been in the arch of my foot. I have tried wearing inserts in shoes all day long. I also have tried stretching, barefoot running and all sorts of creams. The only thing that really changed my plantar fasciitis was getting heated floors. The Winter was always way worse on my feet. My muscles would tighten up and I could barely hobble around. The living room gas furnace did not really help me much. Most of the heat the furnace produced rose to my ceiling. That really did not help my cold feet issue. I actually ripped out the furnace and replaced with heated floors for other reasons. I was sick of high energy bills and not enough heating. That is why I chose radiant floors. Now that I have radiant flooring, I will never go back. My feet are the best they have ever been. In the morning, my feet are quite tight. It sometimes feels like my feet are too short when I move. I used to need to work out the tightness. Now, with radiant flooring, I just set my toes down on the heat. I wait until my feet warm up and then begin my day. I hardly feel any pain now. I can go without shoes in total comfort. It is almost like getting a massage with warm oils on my feet all day. It was worth every penny upgrading my heating equipment. I now can be barefoot most of my life.