Ductless mini splits in our house

Summer is almost over, which is a great thing.  Lately I’ve been hearing a crazy roar coming from our air conditioner device.  It sounds something like a gentle surge but it sounds like a roaring surge. I guess that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but it would if you heard it.  At first, the sound that came from the A/C device was that of a purring cat, but now it is much more intense and louder. I’m hoping the air conditioner device will get us through the final weeks of summer and then I can figure out what to do before summer time returns.  I guess my hubby will just want to get a current window air conditioner device, but I’m thinking along the line of a ductless mini-split device. Every one of us only need two and it would cool our entire household. The way our household is set up, we need a single air conditioner for the back of the household and one for the front.  Every one of us are cool all through the summer, and our energy bills are legitimately controllable. If we had two ductless mini-split devices, it would easily work the same way. They would be quieter and they are also much cleaner to function. From what I’ve read, they could easily save myself and others in energy bills in a year, just by the amount of energy they cut down on.  They also have a feature that helps to control the amount of humidity inside the household. I think I’ll have to try hypnosis or simply keep talking to him while he is sleeping, and maybe put the suggestion for ductless mini-split Heating, Ventilation and A/C into his mind.