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I hate my boyfriend’s brother Larry. Once a year Larry comes to our apartment and stays the week. It is always the worst week of my life. It is a week of me cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner for two men. I get to clean up after every meal too. Larry is a slob and I feel like I am constantly cleaning up after him. Nothing I do is good enough either. The food is not right, the bathroom is not clean enough and the HVAC is not set right. The HVAC is constantly a source of irritation for Larry and I. If he visits in the Summer, I don’t have the AC low enough. He wants to lower the thermostat to around 65 degrees in the Summer. I want the thermostat to read 72. Since it is my apartment, I win this argument. I suffer a whole week hearing about the lack of air conditioning as punishment. If Larry comes in Winter, it is the reverse of the issue. Larry wants our furnace to be on high heating all day. Then Larry will leave windows open and let in cold air. I don’t support this. If Larry opens a window, the heater goes off. It is a constant on and off fight with the furnace. Larry turns it on and I turn it off. It is amazing my boyfriend is able to stand the two of us for a week. I really would much rather pay to have Larry stay in a hotel. I hate the HVAC complaints and him that much.

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