Dealing with the a/c

I will never forget the first time I flew first class.  My hubby in addition to I made the decision to book first class tickets for our honeymoon.  The two of us wished to treat ourselves for this sizable trip. I am so glad we decided to go this route!  When we first arrived to the airport, we had access to an exclusive first class lounge. The lounge had free internet access, complimentary drinks, in addition to comfortable sofas for us to relax on.  The entire experience was charming. The only thing that I wasn’t a fan of was the intense climate control settings. It was summer time outside, so we initially felt relief when we walked into a particularly chilly lounge with powerful cooling.  It was a nice change from the humidity outside. However, after about twenty minutes, I became way too frosty. I started to shiver a bit. It got so uncomfortable that I was curled up into a ball on the couch trying to remain warm. Neither my hubby nor I packed overcoats because it was summertime, so I was entirely stuck.  I didn’t want to waste away the lounge experience, so I tried to push through it. I don’t handle the frosty temperatures particularly well, so I knew I wouldn’t last particularly long. Eventually, I couldn’t deal with the air conditioning device anymore in addition to asked the attendant for assistance. Fortunately, she had some complimentary blankets available.  I was beyond ecstatic to take them. Flying first class certainly has its perks. If I wasn’t in the first class lounge, I wouldn’t have been given the blanket, however the rest of my experience was so amazing. Now, I try to fly first class as often as I am able to!

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