BAS sensors going haywire

A couple of years ago, my insurance firm decided to install a building automation system. At the time, I didn’t know much about building automation systems or how they worked. Since I am the head of security, I felt it would be of utmost importance to learn about the new building automation system. The new system can control the lighting, the HVAC system, and also our building security system. During the first year, I learned a great deal about these special automated Building Systems. Our building automated system is set up with thousands of sensors located throughout our building. These sensors relay information to the automated system. The sensors can read the indoor air temperature and adjust the HVAC system accordingly. The sensors can also tell if it is daytime or nighttime, and adjust our lighting accordingly. A couple of weeks ago, I came to the building early in the morning and found the indoor temperature to be sweltering. It was about 75 degrees outside, but it was almost a 90 inside of the building. I knew there was a problem with the HVAC control system, and contacted our IT Department right away. They sent a special technician to check on the sensors. Apparently, they were relying incorrect information to the automated system. I don’t know how this can happen, but we had to replace 200 sensors on the first and second floor of the building. We haven’t had any trouble with the temperature control system since then. With our system automated, we have to rely on the IT Department most of the time.