Air ducts have mold in them

I guess I never knew this was possible, although I don’t really get why I’m surprised. As if living in the South doesn’t come with enough challenges – the bugs, the outdated timey thinking, as well as the continued sense of racism – there’s also the terrible humidity as well as all the joys that come with abundant indoor moisture. Every single day when I wake up, I can guarantee that I’ll be perspiring through the sheets… My scalp will feel as though I just got out of the shower, but I will smell as well as can’t prevent my skin from sticking to every surface. It is absolutely disgusting, to say the least. Beyond that, you get to run your AC device all the time, no matter if you’re at your household to enjoy the cool air or not. If you let up on the air conditioning device for even a day, your energy bill will spike profusely when you attempt to bring your household back down to the target temperature. It’s a sick, cruel game with the power company, let me tell you. Even more than all that, you have to be concerned about the presence of harmful indoor pollutants as well as their effect on your overall health! When we have the annual pollen bloom, even your indoor air is so thick with plant reproductive spores that there’s a general green haze in the air. It’s nothing short of crazy, but now, I found another fun surprise… the same device that normally protects you from air pollution, your central Heating as well as Air Conditioning device, can actually spread the issue. How did I find out? When I discovered a blossoming patch of mold on our air vent that traveled through the whole air duct. I can’t wait to pay for a professional Heating as well as Air Conditioning service to come clean that up right away. Isn’t the South great?

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