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I suppose I have been single for way too long. My friends have been bugging me about it for the longest time. They keep trying to set me up on dates, and this has been really bothering me. I have been telling them to not worry about me for a long time, but finally they got through to me. Honestly, I was just sick of them bothering me non-stop so I finally agreed to go on a date with some “amazing” guy they have been telling me about. When the guy came to pick me up to take me out, I was surprised when I seen an HVAC company vehicle pull up in my driveway. I thought I didn’t call for any HVAC system repair and I certainly wasn’t on any sort of system maintenance plan. The guy who came from the car was dressed up nicely and came to my door. I asked him why he was driving an HVAC company vehicle, and he apologized for that. He said that his car was in the shop and he had to unfortunately drive his company vehicle until it was repaired. He said he was really looking forward to the date and he didn’t want to put it off. I felt that was fair enough. The vehicle was surprisingly clean and smelled fine, so I didn’t really mind it that much. Not to mention this guy was refreshingly funny. He had quite the sense of humor! When we were at the restaurant, he ordered us some expensive wine. I figured he must have made a great deal of money and that was definitely a plus. Before we got our food, I noticed it was kind of overheated inside the venue. My date said he would handle it when I mentioned this to him. He seemed rather confident and he went to go speak with the manager. He was gone for maybe 10 minutes and then I felt the cooling A/C click on. He got back and said it was really nothing. What a charming guy, like some sort of superhero to save the day. I was definitely going to have another date, but I hoped his car was fixed by that time!

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