AC on our trip

My pal Dave recently went on the trip of a lifetime. He was chosen from a contest that he’d entered to go to across the world on a three week adventure, including a crazy safari trip in one of the world’s biggest nature preserves. He was so stoked that he was going to get to see prides of lions, herds of zebras, as well as groups of giraffes up close and personal with no zoo fences in between them! When he came back from her trip, he brought over all the pictures and souvenirs so he could show myself and others everything. He said that the trip had been crazy, but that the weather as well as the climate where he had visited was just insane! She said that the un-even temperatures had been well over 100 degrees during most of the trip, as well as in the country that she was in, no one had ever even heard of a/c systems. He said that none of the natives seemed to have an issue with all of the heat, but that he felt as if she was melting most of the time. Even though he loved the trip, he said that he was distracted by the heat as well as sometimes he found himself dreaming about her central a/c unit at home. He said that by the end of the second week of the trip, he was excited to come home and relax in her cabin with the thermostat turned down as far as it would go. I told him that I couldn’t suppose that he’d rather be cabin in the air conditioner than out on a safari, but he was serious!

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