AC at the campsite

Every damn Summer my partner wants to go camping. Camping is like her number one thing in the world, superseded only by fishing. He also constantly goes fishing when he’s camping, so the several things might as well be combined together. He’s such an outdoorsy person. I on the other hand, am not an outdoorsy woman at all. I want to stay inside our nice, chilly, air conditioned home where there are no scary bugs and where the temperature on our temperature control is set as a moderate 73 degrees at all times of the day! As you know, when you are camping, there are a million insects everywhere and there’s no way to set the hot and cold temperatures. Occasionally it’s chilly, and you wish that you had some kind of a portable gas furnace to bring along with you in your tent. But then sometimes it’s super hot all you can do is fan yourself and pray for a small portable a/c unit to somehow fall out of the sky and land in the grass next to your tent. But of course, these things never actually happen. I try not to whine about camping since our partner prefers it so much, however if she insists on going various times a year. I’m going to have to insist that the people I was with and I invest in an actual camper or a travel trailer of some sort. I’ve seen heaps of them that are absolutely nice on the inside, plus I suppose that they are equipped with heating plus a/c systems that can run off of your vehicle battery or off of propane, however that might not be the kind of “roughing it” that he’s used to. If I had an a/c plus a oil furnace to come back to at the campsite, I guarantee that I’d like camping a lot better than I do now!

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