Wifi for the thermostat

The internet access at my new home is completely useless. I live in an old apartment complex that refuses to replace the internet access for it’s tenants, so I am left with no other options than to head somewhere else to do my work. I task from home, so having strong internet access wherever I am is super pressing to my livelihood. Most of the time I tend to go to the local redeye coffee shop just a few blocks down the street. However for the last few weeks, the cooling and heating system has been broken. In the middle of the Winter time season up in the northern space of the country, that’s a difficult problem. I will be finally working on the laptop and I will begin to realize that I can see my breath inside the cafe! The local HVAC service business has tried to fix the heating and cooling idea two times already, but have had to leave and reschedule because of a scheduling conflict once and not having the regular equipment to fix it the other time. It’s so annoying not only to me, but to other regulars who rely on redeye to be heated enough for us to be comfortable and use the internet while we have our coffee so both of us can earn money for the bills. I don’t see why the director of the redeye shop doesn’t contact a new HVAC company to come do the work. He is a good person who likes to support all local companies, but I think he needs to be more concerned about his diners. Have to come here dressed in up to two or three or even four layers of clothing just to keep from cold. He needs to get a different HVAC company in here to make the necessary HVAC repairs.

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