Way too much refrigerant

“Less is more.” There’s a saying not many people like, myself included! I’ve always believed the opposite. I overdo the caffeine intake in the morning, often overfill my gas tank, just because I don’t want to have to get gas again for a long time and have a tendency to overeat if there’s more than enough food to go around. It would appear more is better in a lot of circumstances. Such is not the case for how your air conditioning system functions! See, my brother has been an HVAC specialist for several years now. When he was first going through the certification process, I helped him in his studies concerning countless areas of heating, ventilation & air conditioner repair. I learned a lot about HVAC work myself in the process, but I’ve never used that knowledge like my brother does. One thing I did that demonstrated ignorance more than anything was set my a/c to max and beyond constantly in my home and car. I did it mostly because I remembered quizzing my sibling on freon, & how it works as a refrigerant. What I should’ve paid more attention to, however, was how much freon is needed to charge a system. Overcharging the air conditioning system taxes the air compressor to work much harder than necessary, which of course causes said compressor to burn out faster. I didn’t think about this when I was charging the device every single weekend in the Summer! I light should have went off when our energy bill was way higher than was typical – despite having used our cooling system as often as I normally would. After a while, our air conditioning system stopped blowing cool air altogether, at which point my brother came to see what the cause was. It hurt, financially & emotionally, when he told me the compressor was totally spent & needed to be replaced!

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