Was sad when I lost a/c

If you’ve ever lived along a coastline, you likely know that hurricanes can pose a serious threat during the warmer months of the year! I happen to live along the southeastern coastline, which sees its even-handed share of hurricanes every single summer… Thankfully an immense storm hasn’t hit my neighborhood in several years, however the lot of us often get a couple of smaller hurricanes that can knock out power and put a hold on normal life for a number of days. Just last year the lot of us faced such a storm, and I’ll report that the worst section of the storm was losing power and residing without air conditioning for many days in a row. The storm itself lasted a couple of hours and then blew away quickly. The cleanup effort was especially difficult, though, and power was out everywhere. Electricians were seriously scrambling to get almost everyone’s power back on. I opened all the windows in my dwelling in an attempt to condition the air, however with how humid it was outside, this effort was essentially futile… All I could do was sit in my un-air conditioned dwelling and stew until the power finally came back on. I essentially stayed in my bathing suit for the entire few afternoons, and it was scorching hot. When the power came back on and the air conditioning was restored I was so relieved. Thankfully no one in my neighborhood seemed to get hurt during the terrible storm, so I feel the worst section of it all was losing my air conditioning for so long. It definitely made me more grateful to have a working a/c appliance, though.

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