Trying to help the a/c bill

When I was just a kid, I wanted to be as far away from the hot times as humanly possible. Not only did I hang a drape over the window, however I even put a pretty neat design together that gave the look of stars and stripes on stained glass which I tacked up to cover the skylight in my family room. This tricked myself in it and it would stop me from getting migraines and nausea from too much sun. At this point, I had to wear special sunglasses all the time and put on a lot of lotion to combat the sunshine. This time, as I’m all grown up, I’ve found my body has finally gotten used to the heat. Now I can’t sit to have curtains or blinds. I put up with as they’re often in the apartments I am renting, however I almost never make use of them. I enjoy being able to see the flowers and the animals around my home. My friend Tad also prefers sitting in the windows, and I enjoy to watch Tad get fascinated over the animals in the trees outside. However, I had seen I was getting exhausting drafts in the winter. Turns out, those shades I had to have as a kid are still necessary as an older man. They can help to stop cold blasts and keep the central heating system from running as much. Fortunately, I understood that I don’t need curtains everywhere–just on the outside layer of the condo that gets the least sun. Sunlight entirely assists in keeping your condo warmer in the Winter time.

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