the a/c is not great but the hotel is cheap

Last winter, my fiance & I took our teenagers on a vacation over the Christmas holidays.  Because every one of us live an area with absolutely dire Winter weather, every one of us chose a tropical location.  Our goals was to book a hotel right on the beach. All of us hoped to spend our afternoons soaking up the sun, lying in the sand & swimming in the ocean.  Unfortunately, hotels with such an ideal location are typically absolutely extravagant. All of us found a hotel that every one of us could afford. It did not offer a bunch of amazing amenities.  Since every one of us only planned to sleep at the hotel, every one of us didn’t mind. All of us were just blissful to discover a absolutely working a/c installed in the room. Although the cooling unit was absolutely small & obviously quite old, it put out plenty of cool air.  All of us were able to set a particular temperature & regulate both fan speed & humidity levels. It rattled a little when it started up, sometimes leaked water onto the carpet & smelled a bit musty, but it kept the room perfectly cool. All of us kept that a/c running non stop.  After a long afternoon in the sun, returning to such cool temperatures was such a relief. Since my entire family ended up with horrible sunburns on the absolutely first afternoon, every one of us really needed the steady supply of cool air. All of us were willing to overlook the lack of water pressure in the shower, broken tea maker, aged television, & limited number of towels.  All of us were just ecstatic with the location of the hotel. Because of the a/c, every one of us slept well at night & were able to fully love our afternoons on the beach.

a/c plan