Smart HVAC control

Sometimes the family will make fun of our Uncle, but it’s all in good fun. See, he’s well off and loves to brag whenever he a new high-tech appliance to his already showroom-like house. Sure, many of his appliances are amazing – his fridge, for example, has a detachable tablet that can send text messages to everyone in the house, letting them know it’s time to eat! His most recent purchase was a smart thermostat, which he can’t stop playing up as the best ever. All month long, we’ve heard him boast about how the smart thermostat is totally programmable, can store various presets and schedules, and will eventually automatically adjust itself according to the patterns it observes! It’s actually cool, but he almost makes the smart thermostat sounds likeit’s alive. We like to tease him, and say that he keeps a robot locked in his closet which may turn on him one day. It’s a little scary how many of his appliances will learn preferences with each use. He’s even told me the house automatically cools down gradually throughout the evening now, as it knows he likes to sleep in a slightly cold house. Additionally, he doesn’t even have to schedule the thermostat to shut off anymore, as it will automatically increase the home’s temperature to the mid-eighties while in the Summer when he leaves for work. It’s incredible the way technology can help us live more convenient lifestyles. I wouldn’t mind having the smart thermostat myself, since my old dial thermostat can’t even tell when I want the apartment to cool down! Seriously, my thermostat takes forever to recognize that I’ve adjusted the temperature setting for the house. Plus, the thermostat seems to have a mind of its own, and will randomly turn up the heat in the middle of the evening! Maybe I’m the one with a thermostat that’s self-aware?