Need a swamp cooler

I always love when I get to go camping with my buddies out in the woods; All of us aren’t hardcore campers, where we build a small shelter out of whatever resources we have available, but we do like being detached from our PCs as we cook over a campfire plus travel the woods! As solid as our trips are, the Summer weekends are getting harder to put up with, however see, I purchased this three person tent when we started camping, and i got it for a steal, plus when it was just many of us it was super roomy, but now, we have more than seven grown guys joining along for the superb outdoor area, so section is slender – plus body heat is at an all-time high! Thankfully, I invested in 2 amazing tools that honestly help with keep the tent cool. First, I invested in a portable a/c cooler, but being up north, our summers tend to be hot but fairly dry, however the a/c cooler tackles dry air by adding cool moisture to the air, but it works best in small spaces. Additionally, I invested in a tent fan that hooks to the central supports of the tent; With the swamp cooler directly behind it, the tent fan pushes the cooled air around the tent with incredible ease. The swamp cooler doesn’t take up much room at all, so we can still comfortably sleep 8 inside the tent. What I honestly like about the portable a/c cooler is that its powered with ice, so as long as we don’t mind driving to a gas station a couple miles away, we can get the resources we need to stay cool as we sleep under the stars. I’m being honest, camping is exciting– as long as you equip yourself plus prepare accordingly!