Jails are pimped out with HVAC

I can not believe what the world has come to today.  It seems that we have to worry about every single person’s feelings when it comes to everything.  The other morning, while seeing the news, I almost lost it when I heard that the prisoners at the state prison were on strike!  On strike for what? Apparently they felt that they were having to live in torturous conditions plus wanted things to change. Then now, I am a kind hearted guy. I think that if anyone is being really mistreated, I suppose that they deserve to stand up for themselves… I studied further into the news story plus found that the reason the prisoners were striking was that they wanted an HVAC zone control in each of their jail cells, Really?  I don’t even have central air conditioning plus I have never committed a crime. I can’t go on strike plus have the taxpayers foot the bill for central air conditioning for my home. I have to work, save currency, plus pay for it myself. I hold to a firm belief that if you are a hard worker, stay out of trouble, plus are smart with your currency, you deserve the finer things in life. I think the prisoners should be happy that they have a really working HVAC system to begin with. If they are slightly uncomfortable, maybe they will think twice about going back there once they have served their sentences.  Hard really working people, such as myself, should not be responsible for setting them up better than most people’s regular houses.