HVAC is faulty

Occasionally I start to think about about how odd it is that I have lived in the same town for almost my entire life. There is a great big world out there and the number of people that inhabit this earth yet I have chosen to stay right in my small town where I was raised, in the small town southern space of the country. The main reason I have been here for so long is how comfortable I am here. I mean, this small town is where my friends, my mom and dad, and my new home are. When I first purchased this small new home near the river, It was a dump. There was a major roach infestation, and it needed new wiring along with an ancient heating and cooling system. This equipment was first installed in the 1970’s and was totally obsolete now! Being a HVAC repairman, I tackled the repair of the house, with the heating and cooling equipment being my main priority. I was quite gobstopped at how old this thing was, none of the modern a/c models look or run anything enjoy this old version of an a/c! After I had the new home all fixed up, It showed its true charm. People could hardly know it was the same house. The process had taken such a long time to get in order and lots of money. However I was still cheerful to call this little home by the river mine. Over the years the new home has continued to need me. The cooling vents from the a/c are now leaking, and sometimes the mosquitos will find their way into the house. I don’t want to leave because this little river cottage is all mine, and I have repaired it lovingly, including new wiring and a new HVAC system.

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