hotel AC issues

I decided to go on on the road for a long time. It would be my first ever trip with my boyfriend. My boyfriend Steven plus I was truly pumped up. I decided Steven and I would just keep going on the road until I wanted to not go; maybe it would even end up being a long time.  I would just stop plus see all the places on the way plus sleep at a hotel when I needed to. I had more than one to two weeks planned for our vacation plus I planned to use every wonderful hour of it. I wanted to see hills, plus moss, plus hiking routes, plus shopping malls, then you name it, plus I was going to go there, but so I began this road trip plus our 1st hotel ended up being memorable, but for all the wrong ideas. I walked into our hotel room, late at the evening time. I was tired plus had been driving all day. The room was heated, but quite hot! Was the air not on? I instantaneously went over to the component below the window plus turned open the control panel. It was not on. I pushed the orange button to turn it on plus sat around to assume blissfully cool air! A rumbling sound filled the air, the machine shaking, plus then a sound like muted thunder took over. It seemed as if there was a concern with the motor of the unit, maybe the belt or the fan blades with it?

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