Heating install at the barn

My neighbor just put up an attractive new barn.  They were very gleeful to finally be in a position to afford the build and had important plans for its use. Just after the completion, they realized that there was a single major problem; the trees in front and behind the structure would have to come down. Then this was not something that they thought of… When I talked to them, they were looking forward to having seasoned growth trees near the newly constructed building. They would supply shade during the summer time and help keep the temperature of the barn lower.  It would supply them natural cooling which was good, because, they planned on using area of the building for an outdoor bar. They truly hadn’t wanted to put in any sort of heating and air conditioning component but now, they would have no choice! Once the trees were cut down, the barn was in the blazing sun all afternoon and it became very uncomfortable to hang out out there. During the Winter time they had planned on using a propane furnace to moderate the section when it was in use. But now, they would have to purchase some sort of portable heating and air conditioning component as well. The barn has electrical lines going out to it, so that shouldn’t be too much of a problem.  They said they are planning on adding insulation to all the walls too which will be a massive improvement… I am looking forward to the first celebration that they throw over there and seeing how they decorate the bar area. I know the owner is retired Army, so I am very sure it will have something to do with that. With that additional air conditioning, I am sure that they will spend a lot of time out there anyway.

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