ER cooling issues

Occasionally I believe I am one of the most foolish men on the planet. Even though I am an adult I believe I have gone to the emergency room far more than our children have. However part of the problem is the fact that I don’t take precautions when lifting heavy things or deciding that I can take on a major project.  I don’t tend to use any safety stuff and that ends up leading to a huge mistake. The last time I was taken in was because I decided that I could lift something that was far too heavy and gave myself a hernia. That wasn’t the worst section of the whole experience though. When my girlfriend drove me to the ER clinic, we found that they were having a problem with the heating and air conditioning system. Then my girlfriend who is never cold it seems, even went to the nurse on duty to ask why the exam room was so chilly cold.  I was in pain from the hernia so I honestly wasn’t paying much attention to it–I just wanted to get things fixed and head back home. When they took me back for an x-ray, it was even colder in the back room. They at least provided me a moderate blanket. I wondered how a venue as important as an emergency clinic could have such a problem with their A/C and not have it repaired within a timely manner. It turns out that they don’t have an heating and air conditioning contractor on staff; they relied upon a local supplier to do all of their repairs. That supplier did not have anyone on staff that night, so they were told they had to wait until the following day to get the issue resolved. Apparently, the problem was only in the exam rooms and the x-ray suite and not with the whole clinic. This was helpful to the medical staff on shift there but not to the patients.

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